Misconception(s) of SABSA

Recently, I had a conversation with an Executive, who has so may years of experience in Cybersecurity consulting, the topic of the discussion was that SABSA is alien to people, so it is useless and we should stop using it! From, his point of view, he doesnt understand SABSA hence the dismissal.

It is my personal policy that I dont comment on things that I dont understand. Whilst this is personal policy, I believe should be defacto for many like-minded people. Simply, because you dont understand a concept/technology etc, that means its adoption is not good.

SABSA is not a presciptive standard, with black or white implementation e.g. PCI DSS. SABSA is risk-based, and business focused information security architecture developnent framework. What this means, should be used as a guide, rather than set in stone blueprint to be used to build enterprise security architecture. As soon as Cybersecurity architect and consultants understand this, then SABSA can be useful for organisation, until then it will still be alien framework!