Ransomware and your deep pocket?

A lot of companies big names are falling victims of ransomware and I am afraid most of organizations are not well equipped to fight these new waves of attack and ending up coughing €£$.

Garmin felt victim to one of these attacks, and as a user of its services I was affected for a few days without sync my data to the right cloud services. Sorry to use this example but I couldn’t stop asking myself questions such as how are they backup and restore capability? If they fall victim to ransomware, what is their Cybersecurity defense posture? If they ending up paying the ransomware are they likely to be attacked again? And again?

I am not saying Garmin paid the ransom but other victims they do pay the ransom but the bad guys are not guaranteed to keep the words. All is known is they will attack again and ask for more €££. Make sure your backup and restore strategy works this time around.